Waterpik CC-01 Complete Care 9.0

Waterpik’s Complete Care 9.0 is a water flosser and toothbrush combo that is designed to be an all-in-one solution for all of your dental care needs. It features a Sonic Toothbrush that has three useful cleaning modes that will give you a brushing experience like never before, as well as a powerful water flosser that will eliminate food debris and plaque along your gumline that brushing alone can miss.

Major Features

One of the biggest differences between the Complete Care 9.0 and the other Complete Care systems is its smaller footprint, which saves countertop space. This also means that the water reservoir has been reduced in size slightly, however it can still hold plenty of water to give you a full 90 seconds of continuous flossing at the highest pressure settings (the recommended flossing time is only one minute). Another difference is the included electronic toothbrush, the Triple Sonic Toothbrush. This device features three brushing modes: Clean, Whiten, and Massage. Clean is the standard mode you use for general-purpose cleaning. Whiten is also used for cleaning but also polishing. Lastly, Massage pulsates gently for relaxing gum stimulation that will increase blood flow to that area.

Smart Design Innovations to Simplify Your Oral Care Routine

Ultra-Compact Design

Footprint is 40% smaller than previous models, takes up hardly any counter space, and requires just one outlet

Magnetic Cradle, Toothbrush Charging Dock

New magnetic cradle neatly holds the Water Flosser handle and hose, toothbrush charges on the built-in dock

Integrated Power Button and Pressure Control

Push to start water flow, turn to adjust the Water Flosser pressure

Swivel Base, Water On/Off Switch

Water Flosser handle base swivels for easy access to all areas of the mouth - On/Off switch conveniently controls water flow